Otto's Daughter Reviews


“This independent rock duo, has made a record that is both tasty and has plenty of meat to it. From the opening whispers of “Beautiful Eyes, Beautiful Lies” to the guitar assault that follows, to the lovely breakdown of the bridge, ”Beauty Fool” delivers not only hooks but a fantastic arrangement where every section dovetails seamlessly into the next. It is a rock song disguised as a pop song which is the neat trick that bands like U2, Nirvana, Radiohead, and many before them have used to perfection.”
Ciskokidd - Sangria Fine Arts

“ We think you could be headed to the big time.”
Hello Music Screening Team - Hello Music Feedback Report

“...Otto's Daughter has strong production values and a gift for powerful choruses.”
Music Connection

“Otto's Daughter offers that rare combination of edgy electric rock with clarity of musical purpose. The instrumentation is clear and well produced, and the vocals by Jacqueline Van Bierk are superior to say the least.”
David Trotter - Studio 51

“ We think you can hang with the best jams we hear as far as the choruses are concerned. ”
Hello Music Screening Team - Hello Music Feedback Report

“Otto’s Daughter’s A New Kind of Heroine is one mean sounding disc! The female fronted band has a hard hitting metal sound, dark vocals, and just the right amount of electronic elements to keep you heavily stimulated from beginning to end. ”
Eric - Alternative Explosion

“ We think this release has the potential for mainstream appeal. It sounds familiar; like stuff you might catch on the radio; but it doesn't sound cliche`. ”
Hello Music Screening Team - Hello Music Feedback Report

“Otto's Daughter is gonna be huge.”
Heidi - Frosty, Heidi and Frank Show "Should I Stay or Should I Go" segment 97.1FM

“Where many industrial/ metal crossover bands fail by stoking the negative energy fire; Otto's Daughter boasts vibrancy without sounding like a teenage melodrama.”
Kim Schwenk - Music Matters

"Your track had rousing energy that moved us as listeners."...
Hello Music Screening Team - Hello Music Feedback Report

"Otto's Daughter is hard driving, in your face, dance-metal-electronic-oozing with sultry aggression, laden with hooks. They'll chew you up, swallow you down, spit you back out and you find yourself loving every pulsating minute of it. It is Otto's Daughter who is really bringing sexy back.
Dean Krippaehne - Film/TVMusic Composer

“...seductive in nature and convincingly brutal..." "The tracks create a trilogy of guitar sequences of the edgiest kind"..."Clean, heavy, and satisfying. ”
Kim Schwenk - Music Matters

“Truly a sensory treat, edgy and sexy with a techno grove that can only be one thing, “excellent.” ”
Mark - Fan Feedback

“ Interesting harmonies are key to making music sound fresh. You had it in spades.”
Hello Music Screening Team - Hello Music Feedback Report

“Otto's Daughter's mix of haunting vocals, groove-laden heavy riffs, and equal portions of hypnotizing electronica makes for an interesting and eclectic recipe to set them apart from the rest of today's female fronted rock-heap. Otto's daughter is a band that I highly recommend."”
- Fredrockz Radio