About Us

If we could watch our journey from way above, different people from different cultures come together, make art, make love, leave their mark and either move on or stay for a while, maybe even a lifetime. They are all part of the story, the journey, creation, joy and pain. And no matter what happens, the creation lives on forever.

Otto's Daughter aka Jacqueline van Bierk (JVB) grew up in a small town in Germany. An only child with many lonely nights and plenty of time for big dreams and hopes to some day see the big world....she's always been a performer from an early age on, always singing, dancing and performing whenever, wherever. 

Fast forward, she made a trip to NYC and fell head over heels in love with the big apple, the energy and lifestyle. She moved to the US a year after her first visit.

JVB had no intentions of writing her own music, she was looking for a band to join but became extremely frustrated auditioning for bands who wanted her to sing like someone else.  JVB quote "I wanted to be myself, original and unique; not a copy of someone who's already out there" A friend cleaned out his garage and handed her his old drum machine, and a four track, she began to record her ideas, took them into the studio working with a producer but realized it would be wiser and more cost efficient to get her own set-up to be able to write and record whenever inspiration hits. 

She encouraged her than partner in crime HH Gadget to join her project on drums and help program.....they started experimenting with Cubase and began writing, releasing a bunch of demo's which became the first album "Void Of Course".

Finding band members became another adventure and learning curve, accompanied by a ton of funny and interesting stories, many auditions later....Otto's Daughter became alive. After a few gigs they realized, their music wasn't made for the "normal" rock'n roll venues, they found a home in the NYC underground scene, circulating the fetish clubs in the tri-state area. OD was definitely a breath of fresh air with their theatrics and unique stage show leaving traces of blood, broken baby dolls, dead roses, glitter and popped balloons.

Turns out the pop/rock princess had turned into the queen of darkness and destruction; 

JVB quote "I had no idea where it came from, it wasn't an act, it felt like I had to bleed for my art, my right to be different, bare my soul, give all of me, it was a reflection of my upbringing, my childhood. The minute I'd step onstage I'd become this angry, frustrated, broken, reckless  bloodthirsty beast addicted to the drama and pain. It was extremely therapeutic and liberating and apparently entertaining.

Just weeks before September 11th, JVB had put an ad out looking for a guitar player for a few Halloween shows in New Orleans. She was determined to go. Her stage show incorporated quite a bit of what was happening at that time. From being covered up in a white sheet to Army Uniform bringing extra stage power and intensity to the show. 

Brooklyn native, Guitarist Jim Robbins worked at ground zero, after his long shift he'd stay at his brothers house and happened to browse the internetwhen he came across the ad, he was intrigued by the bands music and loves New Orleans. A couple of weeks later he auditioned and although JVB didn't think he was the right fit at first, he was exactly what she had been looking for. Jim came from the hardcore scene, bringing heaviness to the sound, he had his own band at the time called VBS, which he eventually left to join OD full time.

When OD hit a plateau and NYC clubs went away, it was time to move on. Destination Los Angeles. JVB told her band: "Come or stay, I gotta go" Gadget, Jim and JVB burned all their bridges, left their security blankets, packed up and headed west. A new beginning, a new line up, a new chapter.

LA welcomed OD with open arms, JVB and Jim played a few acoustic shows at the Rainbow on Sunset while putting a new line-up together and shortly after OD started circulating the clubs on the sunset strip, including the Key Club, Roxy Theatre, The Viper Room and Whisky A GoGo, getting great reviews and write ups in the local papers and winning several awards at the LA Rockies Award shows. 

The band recorded a 5 song EP "The Becoming 001" with Producer/Engineer Bryan Carlstrom, which was the first official collaboration between JVB and Jim. JVB's pop influence combined with Jims heaviness created "the perfect blend" of pop and metal, light and dark.  All songs off the EP landed film/tv placements on the CW Network. (promo's for vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, 90210, Melrose Place, One Tree Hill). Besides the EP, tracks off the newer albums can be heard Fox Sports, MTV, VH1, History and Discovery Channel, Bates Motel and many more.

Otto's Daughter has traveled a bumpy road for sure with many ups and downs, has overcome many obstacles, including a record deal with an indie label that folded a year after.

OD has always been a DIY band/project, with 4 full length albums and 5 EP's under their belt including several US tours and music licenses, playing big stages with some of their favorite artists including Type O Negative, Theory Of A Deadman, Celtic Frost, The Dreaming, Coil just to name a few.

After the release of the full length "ARC OF A DREAM" JVB made the hardest decision ever to move on, clear her head and explore other ventures and opportunities. It's been a crazy journey, JVB is one unpredictable, passionate, and driven character so stay tuned......